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Welcome to my current site displaying some of the examples of my creative efforts.
This site was fun to create because I used some of my favorite plugins to show some of the creative ways to show galleries on the web. Each site I create is unique. My background is in art and I try to make each site pleasant to look at as well as easy to navigate. I have spent many years working with customers on websites and business databases and have a strong feel for simple easy to follow navigation and sites that look good. I have a broad set of skills from opportunities I have had over the years. I have worked for many large well know corporations like IBM, Seagate, Pillsbury, 3M and many more. (please click on resume to see where I've been)
Please take a look and let me know if you have any needs for the services I can perform...
  • Over 30 years of technical skills and experience. Art and graphic design, drafting, CAD, desktop publishing, photography.
  • Over 20 years of computer skills. CAD systems, PC building and repair, Lotus Notes developement, desktop publishing, website design, video and sound editing.
The purpose of this site is for me to try some new designs and also to show some of the many ways to display and design websites. It is an unusual design and not typical of sites but I think it shows design possibilities out of the typical website box.
On My personal site here I have chosen at this point to make a statement about working with Microsoft's lack of joining any standards club and making the internet a fun place to work. Below I have listed links so you can download other browsers and try them out to see the difference. This site has pieces in it that do not work right in IE but do in every other browser.
Decent Browser list:
Google Chrome:
If you like IE or just have not loaded another browser I encourage you to consider doing so. If you would like to know why, please read this article. There are many if you google "making websites work in ie"
 *Note: My favorite right now is Google Chrome. Its clean and plays nearly every design out there. No browser is perfect BUT IE is by far the worse.

updated: 04/24/2012
Dynamic, energetic and innovative  Lotus Notes/Domino Developer, Web Designer and Graphic Designer, with thirty years of successful experience in developing, designing and organizing data for many large well-known corporations. Designing and implementing websites. Involved in networking and working with IT departments developing streamlined and efficient systems for database connectivity.  Proven success in developing easy to use, visually stimulating user interfaces.   Strong values of integrity, work ethics and long term commitment to each firm. 
Senior Lotus Notes Developer / Web Designer / Technical Support                              2006 – Present
CYBER MESA TELECOM                                                                                   Santa Fe, New Mexico
·         Assist in company Lotus Notes development .
·         Solely perform all of the Web Design projects.  Over 50 websites created.
·         Assist in Tech Support for telecom, hardware, internet and website issues.
·         Redesign and repair several Lotus Notes databases.
·         Have built a new database to manage and organize all of the Network Operation data for DSL Services.  This allowed us to eliminate redundancy, and clean up existing data.
·         Redesigned the Tech Support database to be more useful and dynamic, eliminating much time and maintaining cost savings.
Senior Lotus Notes Developer / Web Designer                                                 2002 - Present
OUTERMOTIONS TECHNOLOGY SERVICE                                                     Angel Fire, New Mexico
·         Designed and built a database system with Lotus Notes/Domino that manages artist business and a front-end website.
·         Lead the design of Lotus Notes/Domino Management tool for artists.
·         Design websites for customers.
Senior Lotus Notes/Domino Developer / Web Designer / Network Admin.                         1998 – 2002
CTG-COMPUTER TASK GROUP (Contract Agency)                                                   Boulder, Colorado
·         Contracted at IBM, Services Division:  Lotus Notes Development and Network management, and built Lotus Notes/Domino databases and websites for internal use at IBM.
·         Created a database that controlled all service requests going through that division.
·         Contracted at Lucent Technologies:  Lotus Notes Development.
·         Contracted at Johnson & Johnson:  Lotus Notes Development.

Senior Lotus Notes/Domino Developer / Web Designer                                                      1997 –1998
SUN & SON (Contract Agency)                                                                          Santa Fe, New Mexico
·         Contracted for State of NM EMSBuilt a database they could record their field work and calls each day.
·         Contracted for Los Alamos National Laboratory:  Created a set of project management databases that controlled all aspects of preliminary ramp up of project, through the final steps of one of the mysterious projects (Atlas Project).
·         Contracted for STC-Victim Witness Protection in Arizona:  Built a database for the investigators to use to track and manage witness protection cases.
·         Sun & Son:  Helped with internal internet and website needs as well as perform the work on programming contracts.
Senior Lotus Notes/Domino Developer & Network Administrator                                        1996 –1997
ACTIVE SOFTWARE/COMSYS (Contract Agency)                                             Minneapolis, Minnesota
·         Contracted at 3M Corporation - Created a database that controlled the specifications for all packaging that 3M used for their products.
·         Contracted at Mortenson Construction Company - General database changes development.
·         Contracted at Grand Metropolitan Inc. - redesigned their legal Lotus Notes database that managed all of their lawsuits that this corporation had to deal with. This company owns Pillsbury, Hagen Das and many more companies.
·         Contracted at Computing Devices International - General database changes development.
Senior Lotus Notes Developer / CAD Designer / Desktop Publisher / Network Admin.     1978 –1995
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGIES                               Oklahoma City, Oklahoma / Minneapolis, Minnesota
·         Worked many years in engineering performing drafting with pencils and mylar and CAD systems.
·         Transitioned all disc drive specifications to computer Desktop Publishing system.  
·         Was assigned to train all engineers on desktop computers doing Desktop Publishing.
·         Served as network administrator for Advanced Technologies department with about 50 seats.
·         Implemented Lotus Notes with another division in California, and developed  databases to begin dynamic exchange of data.
·         Given the responsibility to evaluate all new software and equipment coming into Advanced Technology Department.
·         During this time period this company had many names before Seagate – Magnetic Peripherals Inc., Control Data Corporation, Imprimis – all at the same location in Oklahoma City.
University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, Oklahoma  -  Classes for Bachelor of Computer Science and Graphic Arts.
Tulsa Junior College, Tulsa, Oklahoma  -  Many initial college courses for Liberal Arts and Computer Science.
Lotus Notes Education
Classes R2.x & R3.x & R4.x - System Administration 1 & 2.
Classes R2.x & R3.x & R4.x - Application Development 1 & 2
Classes R4.x - Domino and Interactive Web Application.
Classes R5.x - Top Gun Academy - Developing effective web applications with Domino R5.
Lotus Notes CLP R3.x, R4.x, R5.x in Application Development.
Lotus Notes CLP R3.x in Lotus Notes Administration.
 (CLP – Certified Lotus Professional )
Javascript – internal training at IBM.
MySQL – internal training at IBM.
HTML,  CSS, PHP, Lotus Notes/Domino,   LotusScript,   Javascript,  Windows 7, Windows Vista,  Windows XP,  Windows 2000, NT 3.51 & 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 95, MS-DOS, OS/1, Novell 3.x, SQL, WordPerfect, Microsoft Office, Ask Sam,  Pagemaker,  Adobe Design Products,  Photoshop,  Dreamweaver, Topas Professional Animator,   Corel Draw, ComputerVision Main  Frame  CAD  System  and  Desktop  CAD  Software,  Autocad,  Soundforge,  Sony DVD Architect.
PC’s,  ComputerVision Cad Mainframe,  Networking, some UNIX workstations, video and sound hardware.

Lotus Notes/Domino Design and Development

If you are looking for a complete organizational tool, data sharing tool, a way to contain all transactions, inventory, correspondence, personnel, etc. to take care of your business, collections, works of art, this is the environment you should use. Clean and easy interfaces and designs that are easy to change to your specific needs (unlike many store bought, or specifically written packages that have one main function). You can have a system that looks like your company, that is web active and easy for the end user to update web sites without professional help.

-- Domino Web Page Design

The websites made with Domino can be basic design or integrated with a database to make a freely interactive website of your inventory, personal collections, business data, etc.. As you make changes to your data, the website can reflect the changes in real time. Web updates can be made by anyone who can use a word processor.

I have over 18+ years of corporate experience with companies like Seagate, 3M, Control Data, Los Alamos Labs, Mortenson Construction, IBM and more.

Website Design

In website design it is important to have ease of use, logical navigation, a pleasing layout and design. I have spent much of my life creating user interfaces for databases and websites. The designs include underlying code using HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS, Flash and other technologies. Many sites included Art/Photography Gallery packages, Shopping Carts, fully functional Calendars, Blogs, Bulletin Boards. I have created many simple 1-2 page websites as well.
(See portfolio for some sites that I have created) 

Graphic Design (2D and 3D)

Advertisements of all kinds, logos, business signs, t-shirt graphics, business cards, etc..
30 years experience designing all types of graphic designs. I like to create the whole package, website, business cards, and stationary for uniformity in your business look. 

PC Building and Repair

PC work for Santa Fe and surrounding areas. 

Software Loading and Training

PC work for Santa Fe and surrounding areas. 

Sound and Video Mastering and Archiving

Archival media transfer and cleanup available to CD or DVD. Some video archiving and editing available. 

Data Transfer to CD

All kinds of data backup/transfered to CD or DVD. 


All kinds of photographic work including: insurance records, personal collections, art gallery, newspaper articles, advertising and much more. 



I have been building websites since 1991. Many were inter-corporate sites (IBM) and not visible to anyone except employees. Since then I have created many sites. I try to make each site unique. I use various tools such as PHP, Javascript, CSS, Flash, Jquery, MySQL, etc. I use Photoshop and Dreamweaver as the main software tools. I occasionally utilize nice plugins and pre-written code and modify them for my use. Its about how nice the site looks and how easy it is to navigate thru it.

*Note: I build my sites so that most customers can make their own changes so since my examples are live they may not exactly represent my initial design... Also some sites were explicitly requested to be a certain design, not necessarily the way I would have wanted to do it, so please ask me about my designs.
New Mexico Dental Foundation
NMDF, in partnership with the NMDA membership, continues to bring Mission of Mercy to New Mexico.
DG Nanouk Okpik
dg nanouk okpik is an Alaskan Native, Inupiat--Inuit from the arctic slope. Her family resides in Barrow, Alaska. Okpik graduated with AFA in 2004 and a BFA in Creative Writing with honors in 2005 at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Sexual Abuse Therapies
Providing Services for Adults, Childrens and Families who have suffered from Sexual Abuse.
Moonlight Man Productions
Movie and TV production company located in California.
Dr Buds Natural Solution
Helping New Mexicans understand the new cannibis laws and those who are seeking the cannibis card.
Jan Marquart
This is a basic Wordpress site I setup but have since handed it over to customer so they could edit it themselves...

"I write daily and contribute this tool as the foundation of my discipline for wellness, creativity, inspiration, and storytelling."
Eugene Kovalenko, Phd
Soldier, ASA/CIA operative, scientist, engineer, inventor, singer, poet, philosopher, seeker, adventurer in ideas, writer, fool.
New Mexico College Counseling
You are in an elite group. According to the College Board, approximately 18.6% of New Mexican high school graduates attend college out of state. In the 2008-2009 school year, just under 6000 New Mexican juniors took the PSAT test (the practice test for the SAT), and about 2000 seniors took the SATs.
Wings for Hope
Wings for Hope is a group of motorcycle enthusiasts that have commited to helping the children of New Mexico. Christmas time is when they hold a toy run so that no child goes without during the holiday season.
New Mexico Pediatric Society
The New Mexico Pediatric Society is committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental, and social health for all New Mexico infants, children, adolescents and young adults.
Disability Insurance Resource Center
As an expert witness/consultant, my mission is to provide timely, informative, objective solutions, to assist in overturning inappropriately denied disability insurance claims (individual, short term, long term, non-can, group, association, business overhead, buy-sell) and to consult when there are acts of bad faith.
Extraordinary Holmes
Unique handcrafted accessories for the chateau or cabin. Imagination, fine workmanship and attention to detail all contribute to the creating of each piece.
Mack Crow Insurance
At Crow Insurance Agency we do our best to give you the protection you need for your house, your auto, your life, and protection for the "toys" you may have acquired.
Dakini Doors
Custom crafted doors, beds, and screens are painted using materials that will not harm the chemically sensitive individual.
The Law Office of Diane Albert
The Law Office of Diane Albert is a solo practice law firm providing legal representation to clients throughout New Mexico and the United States.
Toni Truesdale - Artist
Toni Truesdale is an artist, mother, teacher, muralist, writer, and humanist. The original imagery reflects the perspective of women and muti-cultural themes through history and mythology.
Kim Loughlin - Food Stylist
Simple and sweet. For Food Stylists, it's all about the pictures.
Albuquerque Water Gardens
Albuquerque Water Gardens, located in the historic North Valley Los Duranes neighborhood, is Albuquerque's premier water garden supplier.
Hummingbird Music Camp
We are committed to carry on the Hummingbird tradition providing for the children of New Mexico, music and fun in an open environment in the beautiful Jemez Mountains.
Classics For Teens (offline)
John has organized this list of great authors and reading as a guide to those who love to read. I hope these books will inspire and open minds and help in your education.
Romero's Orchard
Romero’s Orchard is owned and operated by Clovis J. Romero, one of the areas most respected and experienced fruit growers.
Lifesource Chiropractic
Lifesource Chiropractics serves customers in the Albuquerque and surrounding areas
Hub Miller Online
Hub Miller shares his thoughts and designs on architecture, art and the world.
Pastry Geeks (offline)
This site is offline now. This domain is FOR SALE.
Beyond The Fringe Clothing (offline)
This site is now offline. You can see the original design by clicking this link.
Caminos a Santa Fe - A Trail Gathering
This site is offline now. This simple design is very beautiful and can be seen by clicking the link.
Shelley Black (artist)
Shelley Black, artist and teacher. Her work includes a broad range of technique and application, ranging from portraiture to non-objective abstraction. Shelley attempts to bring forth the vibrancy of the world around us through art by focusing on color and poignant moments of life
Michael G. Jacobs
Michael G Jacobs, Search Consultant. Recruitment and placement of science, technology and business development professionals.
Brian Joseph McQueen (artist)
This site was a redesign of the curretn site but never used. So this version is offline. Click link to see the original design.
Buck Wells
Prior to the arrival of Europeans in New Mexico, there was a network of foot trails between Indian pueblos that criss-crossed the southern part of the State. These trails were used for trading purposes and provided linkage between the populated areas of the region.
Dina Wolff (writer)
Dina’s professional writing career began in 1986, with her first national magazine job in Santa Monica, California. Her history in the publishing world includes freelance travel and essay writing for national magazines and newspapers, production and associate editor for several magazines and book publishing companies.
Green Pedal Electric Bikes (offline)
This site was a redesign for the customer but never used. It was never completed but is functional.
Road Runner Footwear (offline)
This was a heavily used site but the company went out of business so it is offline but you can see the original design by clicking the link.
St. Johns United Methodist Church (offline)
This site was heavily used but they have gone to a internal resources..
Tours of the Southwest
Tours of the Southwest is a transportation company, based in Santa Fe, NM, committed to providing the finest service in our business. Our drivers are trained professionals that will provide you with safe, efficient state of the art service and punctuality.
Undefined Media Group, llc (offline)
This site was fully functional and working before someone stole the domain name. The site is still offline.
Cambridge Realty Partners
Throughout its history, Cambridge has been a consistent contrarian, demonstrating an unfailing ability to acquire undervalued assets. Equally important, Cambridge possesses a strict disposition discipline which has resulted in Cambridge having sold its investments prior to every downturn in the markets in which it has operated.
Cami Thompson (artist)
This site was built with Lotus Notes/Domino. Basically it is a web front end on a database and custom made for this artist. It was designed with ease of changes in mind and the ability to manage her whole business.
Pat Woodall (artist) (offline)
This site was built with Lotus Notes/Domino. Basically it is a web front end on the management tool made for this artist. It was designed with ease of changes in mind and the ability to manage his whole business.
Pin Up Music (cd music store) (offline)
This site was built with Lotus Notes/Domino. Basically it is a web front end on the management tool made for this business. It was designed with ease of changes in mind and the ability to manage his whole business. This site never made it online because of legal issues with the company.
Starving Artists Galleries of New Mexico (multi-artist management tool) (offline)
This site was built with Lotus Notes/Domino. Basically it is a web front end on the management tool made for this business. It was designed with ease of changes in mind and the ability to manage his whole business. This site manages an unlimited amount of artists who cannot typically afford a website of their own.